We carry out educational programs on internet freedom, digital security, and strategies of nonviolent advocacy for Tibetans and other communities facing extreme repression and human rights abuses. This includes broad-scale multi-media campaigns similar to public health campaigns, about internet freedom, digital security and strategic nonviolent advocacy. We also develop strategies to support Tibetans and other communities seeking to protect their human rights, based on principles of nonviolent activism.


We provide in-depth training to people who are engaged in human rights reporting, civil society organizing, jumping restrictive Internet firewalls, or simply pushing the limits of permitted self-expression, as well as civil society activists and social connectors in diasporas who can catalyze continuous transfer of knowledge to broader circles in a target community. Training enables participants to safely use – and independently troubleshoot – digital security tools that can address Internet censorship and surveillance as well as to organize their human rights activities more effectively, in accordance with tried and true methods of strategic nonviolent advocacy.


We develop, test, distribute and promote new software that enables secure, private communications for activists, journalists, and others advocating their rights and seeking freedom of expression. Apps are translated into the local language, include built-in security features based on the specific needs of the target region and are designed for use on the range of mobile phones that are available in target repressed regions.

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